149 Bleecker Street, NYC

Saturday, January 5th - 7:00PM (APAP)
Saturday, January 19th - 7:00PM
Saturday, February 2nd - 7:00PM
Saturday, March 2nd - 7:00PM
Saturday, March 30th - 7:00PM
Saturday, April 13th - 7:00PM
Saturday, April 27th - 7:00PM
With Special Guests
Thor Jenson & Chris Stromquist.

Saturday, May 11th - 7:00PM

Global Mashup 1

Bollywood Meets Global Roots Blues

March 9th - 8 pm

European Spring Tour
May 19th - June 20th
locations to be announced
Huntington Summer Arts Festival

Saturday, June 29th - more info to follow

46th Annual Wheatland Music Festival

Remus, Michigan

September 6th (9:30 pm) and 7th (11:40 pm)


149 Bleecker Street, NYC

Friday, September 20th - 7:00PM
Saturday, October 5th - 7:00PM
Saturday, November 2nd - 7:00PM
Friday, November 15th - 7:00PM
Saturday, December 7th - 7:00PM
Saturday, January 11th - 7:00PM (APAP)

Earlville Opera House

Earlville, NY

October 19th

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